Small Beginnings


I’ve always found once I start something, that’s when I get comfortable and am at my best. The hardest part though, as many of you would find I’m sure, is actually beginning. So that’s what I’m doing, I’m starting this blog. I’m not sure what will become of this, or how often I’ll post, but I know that once I’ve started I will feel so much more in my element.

As a kid I grew up always being told I was a go-getter, a trend setter if you will. My mother always told me I was courageous and outgoing, but as I’ve matured (at least I hope), I’ve learnt that it’s simply a combination of things I have acquired from watching others. If you make the first move, others with follow – in reality it isn’t that scary at all. All I’m getting at really is that it takes one small step to get things going, and once you take that step everything becomes easier.

So now that I’m half way to becoming an adult per say, I’ve taken the biggest step I could have so far, and created this little beginning.

R xx

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