Future; noun


I spend a lot of my spare time on YouTube, and I’ve recently stumbled across a few British vloggers discussing the idea of ‘in 10 years time’. Watching their videos I have quickly acquired an irrational fear of the future and where I might be. I’m currently 19 and I feel I don’t have a lot to worry about, other than are my pets fed and what bubble bath should I use. I know, pressing matters. I’ve never been very good at this whole organising my future kind of thing, so here’s a little list of what I hope to achieve by age 29.

  • Have a job that I enjoy doing – none of these boring desk jobs for me
  • Find someone who I want to wake up next to everyday of my life
  • Be financially independent
  • Living out of home
  • Own a cat, or four
  • Travelled the world
  • Be happy

To many, these things may seem petty or average or even just common goals, but for me that’s all I can forge out of my stressed and slightly puzzled state of mind. The most important thing I’ve learnt from both these videos, and my lovely boyfriend (freshly 21), is that I need to simply be happy, no matter what I do or where I am. Frankly, I’m scared of what the future holds and what I’m meant to become according to society…

…but baby steps will get me there, wherever there may entail.

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