Blame Game

When do we stop blaming ourselves for other’s mistakes? Last night I attended a networking event, with reps from numerous corporate companies. The best advice I took away from the night was that we can’t keep blaming others for our insecurities. When we don’t get a job, or get rejected asking someone out, we can’t … More Blame Game

Grow Up

When do you know you’re adult? Is it when you turn 18 and you can drive by yourself, or maybe when you’re 21 and you can legally consume alcohol in every country, or is there something more than just a number behind it? Bare with me as I try to delve a little deeper into … More Grow Up

Heads Up

Do you ever wonder, what would happen if all my photographs and videos just disappeared? I’ve spent the most time of this Sunday either drinking tea, studying away or procrastinating by looking through Facebook, Insta and Snapchat. But what would happen, if those photos that we obsess over simply vanished. No more stalking. huh. It’s … More Heads Up