The Retail Life

I’ve worked in retail for almost 4 years now, and things never really chance regardless of where you work. You make friends with your coworkers and they become your gossip buddies, you deal with rude customers who don’t understand that you’re being paid minimum wage to be there and smile at their bitchy face, and … More The Retail Life

Okay? Okay.

Over the past few days most of my conversations begin a little something like ‘hey, how are you doing? are you okay?’ and every time without fail I’ll respond something along the lines of ‘yeah doing just fine’. And every regular human in their right mind (slight exaggeration) would know that when someone says fine, it’s most definitely not … More Okay? Okay.

Count to Three

I’ll openly admit that I’ve always been a bit of a drama queen, an over sharer, someone who without fail will tell you every little detail whether you like it or not. But today, not even just today the past 4 days have really challenged my mentality and strength. Why you may ask? Well I’m about … More Count to Three