Do More

I find it so wonderful how people make something of themselves from nothing. I’ve always been an advocate that if you work hard enough you’ll get what you deserve, and be rewarded accordingly. My entire life I’ve worked hard and gotten when I’ve wanted, not because I’m lucky or spoilt, but because I’ve put in … More Do More

Dear Year 12s

Dearest Year 12 kiddies, The end is coming and I’m sure you’re in a state of panic, food coma and stress, but do no worry too much (as little as you’ll listen to me) as the beginning of something much greater is upon you. This is an open letter to all you Year 12 kiddies who … More Dear Year 12s

Is Chivalry Dead?

Anyone who knows me well enough understands how much of an old school romantic I am. I think if I grew up in the 50s it would’ve been so much better. I’m a huge advocate for love and chivalry, but has swiping right begun to replace walking up to a beautiful stranger and striking up … More Is Chivalry Dead?