I am Millennial, why won’t you listen?

925522_204692323228027_1209019332_nWaking up this morning was easily one of the hardest things to do, I hoped that watching Trump be named the next US President was some sort of sick joke. I hoped when I awoke today that it was just a horrible nightmare gone wrong. Alas, I was so wrong and somehow this misogynistic, racist, sexist oompa loompa is now running the world’s power house. HOW?! 

Social media has blown up within the last few hours of course, with the memes flooding in, Canadian immigration website shutting down and people finally understanding that Australia isn’t that  far away. I mean we are safer that the states at the moment.

2016 I honestly did not think you could get anymore messed up, but you showed me wrong. First the UK and now the states, I know you wanted to one-up each other on who could fuck up more, but this joke has gone way too far.

screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-12-24-56-pmBeing a 21 year old female in this world, whilst currently living next door to the states, is a terrifying concept. Why should I be so scared to be a young woman? That’s not even a little bit right.

Fun and accurate fact: if the voting was left up to the popular vote, Hillary would have won. If the voting was left just up to millennials, Hillary would have won. But now this white lashing is real, only 219 weeks until Trump is out of office. Let the count down begin.

I am not saying I 100% hate Trump, I mean he’s now president so we’re stuck with that, I’m planning on giving him the benefit of the doubt and praying he’ll do something good for America. How many trillion dollars are they in debt by now…?

Honestly if I was American I’m sure it would be a very different story, but neither Hillary nor Trump were great candidates. I’m merely just a young Australian living in Canadia, where we are willing to accept other non snow Mexicans (as Trump puts it) who will be loved and given the respect they deserve.

Being a millennial in today’s age is difficult. We are the future, yet our voices are never heard, and if they are we are made fun of because ‘we don’t know better’ or ‘we are too young and naive’ as soon as we try giving our two cents.

I will confidently say I am terrified for what the next four years holds, but here’s hoping that those who put Trump where he is, can begin to understand how imperfect this system is.

I may not be American, I may not be a white straight male, I am merely a female 21 year old. But does that not mean I can have a voice? The millennials are the voice of the future, why can no one hear us screaming?

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