No Where Else Toronto

tumblr_o3ymqycpwf1u9yrapo1_500People have always told me that my years at university will be some of the best in my life. Up until August I thought I had a good uni life balance: relationships, good group of friends, involved in sport and attending my fair share of uni balls and parties. I can happily tell you now that as I sit in the airport, saying goodbye to my Canadian exchange and Toronto, this has been the most magical 4 months of my uni degree, if not my life. How cliche right?

For those who are terrified of moving overseas not knowing a single soul, throw those inhibitions out the window. If you put your mind to it, apply for exchange, get on that plane and indulge in the independence. Looking back over the last four months I’m so lucky for what I’ve been able to do, the people I’ve met and the home I created. The adventures are only just beginning.

Like I have mentioned many times before, I am in no way ready to head home and thankfully I am exploring this beautiful country for a few more weeks. Toronto will always be a second home for me and to all the lovely people that have waltzed into my life, thank you.

Thank you for making fun of my accent, and teaching me Canadian things. Thank you for showing me how to survive snow and that maple syrup and beavers aren’t everything that Canada has to offer. Thank you for letting me be the token Australian and teach you our odd language and unique cuisine (yes, Vegemite and Tim Tams are considered national foods).

Toronto fam I love each and everyone of you, I only hope that I can see you sooner rather than later.

I can quite easily say that going on exchange was the best choice I made and I truly wish I could spend longer here, but alas I am broke as can be and that apartment was dodgy af.

I’ll miss you Toronto, but this is not goodbye just a simple ‘see you soon’. Until next time, and for now I must jump onto another plane and explore this wonderful world.

R xx

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