The Next Adventure

vivid-sydney-2016_sydney-harbour_credit-destination-nsw_km-5698-I don’t really know where to start this story, as there are a million and one thoughts floating through my head that I want to put into words, I just don’t know how. I’ve started a summer internship that has exceeded all my expectations, simultaneously I’ve moved to Sydney and I’m absolutely loving it. On the other side of the spectrum I’m mediocre at living out of home, especially being separated from my loved pals in Melbs, but this job is also not quite what I expected. This is both a good and a bad thing.

So I guess this summer is going to be a whirlwind of ups and downs, fast-tracking to adulthood with a 9-5 desk job, but not just any regular corporate job. I mean this workplace has free ice cream, FREE! Not that I should get too excited being lactose intolerant, but I mean the option is there and that’s a 10/10 work perk if I ever saw one.

As you would probably know, getting up and moving away from Melbourne seems to be a thing I thoroughly enjoy, so when the opportunity came to work in Sydney over the summer I couldn’t say no. Why would I? This is a once in a life time kind of moment that I’d be a fool to turn down. In hindsight, I should have thought it out a little more long term, but when you get a call with a job offer on the other line what is a girl to do? You can see my predicament now.

I’ve had a few months leading up to this moment to prepare myself for a summer away from home, for my first full time job, my first big marketing stint and essentially come to terms with three months of proving to myself this job is better than retail, or a free summer. Naturally I postponed all forms of preparation, packed the night before leaving and was not really sure what i was getting into until I was already off the plane.

After my first week as a full fledged intern, I’m already in love with this culture and company, it’s a place driven by passionate people that love life, that creates a contagious vibe across the office. I never really knew what to expect coming into this, but I’m coming to learn its a combination of early mornings, hard work and a lot of ice cream. I love it. I love every minute, every person and to be honest, I am thriving.

However it does not come easy, whilst I do love this job, it’s not home, Sydney is not Melbourne. Albeit Sydney definitely has its perks, have you seen the beaches and the harbour? Melbourne can never compete there. There is a lot I have to consider and learn over the next three months, and to say I’m excited is a gross understatement.

As always, here’s to the next new adventure, an exciting end of 2017 and an even bigger beginning to 2018. Bring it Sydney, this little old Melbs gal is ready for all your hidden secrets and gems.

R xx

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