Where’s the new in New Years?

Friends running with fireworks on a beach after sunsetI’ve tried to write something about the new year for the last few days, but every time I sit down at my laptop no words come to mind. There is always so much hype about a new year, but why? Why do wed get so fixated on the idea of starting the year off right? This happens every year (at least for myself and my friends), we get so nostalgic about the year gone by, picking out the few good moments from the past 365 days like our Instagram accounts, filtering out the bad so it looks like we live perfect, adventurous lives.

What is it about the clock striking midnight that gives us a fresh start? What if we simply made resolutions at any time in the year, instead of waiting for January 1st. I know I’ve never stuck to a new years resolution I’ve made, especially the promise I make to myself to join a gym and stick with it. Good on you to those that stick to their resolutions, and a round of applause to those who use their gym membership on the reg.

I’ve always found new years to be an overhyped time, where the lead up to midnight is not that eventful. As soon as it hits midnight that’s it, the most anticlimactic moment there is, except for the ending of Pretty Little Liars. Let’s not even talk about that, I’m still bitter.

Once you start to get into the new year the excitement wears off pretty fast. Although the first few days of any year can bring hope and anticipation for the months ahead, it’s not much different to any other year, right?

What makes 2018 so different compared to 2017? I guess each year for each person will hold something special. Whether it marks the end of one chapter and a fresh start, or the year something big will finally happen, or just a chance to reset. Whatever it is, I don’t think there’s such a great need to hype up a new year like we do.

I won’t lie I’m excited for this year to come, but I’m also not that bitter about saying goodbye to 2017. It was not the worst year, it was not the best. 2018 however holds a lot that I am looking forward to, but just because it’s now January I’m not going to try restart my life and break all my bad habits.

Isn’t that what resolutions come down to? Breaking bad habits that we think we’ll find the motivation to finally conquer, merely because December has come and gone, and January is upon us. This is why I don’t make new years resolutions, and this is why I don’t get that hyped about NYE.

Nonetheless, let’s hope we make the best of 2018. If I can stick to my goal of graduating this year, come December 31st, I’ll be a happy girl.

Until next time,
R xx


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