What’s changed?

cakeI woke up today, telling myself yet again I really should sit down and write a blog post. There is so much I have been wanting to put into words, but I’ve just kept making up excuses. Too busy hunting for grad jobs, too busy finding new shows on Netflix to watch (seriously tho, any recommendations would be great pls) or too busy attending uni (all 4 hours of class I have). But today is a little different, today The Petal Effect turns 3, and we simply must celebrate.

3 years ago I started this blog because a good friend of mine at the time was peaking at her blog game. So I thought what the hell?  I never thought of myself as a writer, but the last few years with this little blog have apparently proven otherwise. Cheers to my Year 9 English teacher for teaching me how to write, and helping me realise that it’s something I couldn’t really live without.

So corny, but just try and stop me. I dare you.

I want to take a little look back at what I’ve actually done this I started this blog, and see if in the past 3 years anything astounding has been accomplished.

I graduated from my first degree 

Honestly, giving myself a A+ for this. Diving into a double degree at 18 was a reckless decision, but one I’m glad for nonetheless. I’m so excited to say that I will be finally graduating this year from both degrees, I’ll get that cap and gown moment that everything Insta-fiend wants, and then be on my way to ‘adulthood’ (SOS, not ready).

I found my career calling 

After months of free labour, a few  many meltdowns and extensive research, I do believe I have finally found my career calling. Bless everything. I have no doubt over the next however many years I will change my career path 5 or 6 times, if not more, but for now I’m very content with where I’m headed as a graduate.

I can parallel park

This took years of driving around the block, parking far away from my destination, and getting a car with a rear-view camera, but I can finally parallel park. It might not seem like a big achievement, but it is for me.

I’ve begun to travel the world

I’m pretty sure this is every millennials dream, but 3 years ago I told myself I wanted to travel and truly experience the world. I can happily say I’ve begun to tick countries off the bucket list, and 2018 is going to be no exception.

I have friends who I call my family

The last 3 years my friends have stood by me through meltdowns, break ups, celebrations and my obsessive love for corgis (this will never die). Easily some of my favourite people in the world, I’m a very very lucky girl. So thank you pals.

So happy bday to the blog, let’s see where we go next.

-R x


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