5 Stages of Graduating

gradI realised today that I have one week left of my undergraduate degree. 4.5 years later, and I just have two classes left and I’m finished. It’s a weird thought. To think for the last five years I’ve cruised through uni, with days off and late starts, living the best life a 20 something probably could. And here I am, with just one week to go, help!?

As this final semester has absolutely flown by, there are some stages I have been through to get me to the final stretch:

Stage 1: Excitement

The exact blissful moment when you know you’ve done it and you’re down to the final stretch. This is the feeling of pure joy knowing that you’re so close to the finish line, and you can’t believe you’ve actually accomplished so much to be eligible to finally graduate.

Stage 2: Denial

The moment where you won’t admit to anyone that you have to start a full time job and have real responsibilities ASAP. If anyone asks you  anything related to your future you deny even having one. Graduating? Nope. Finding a job? Definitely not. You’re not finishing your degree, who said that!?

Stage 3: Total lack of motivation

Since you know you’ll fail anyway, why do you bother writing assignments or turning up to class? Surely a pass will do, right? Your motivation is out the window and you’re left doing the bare minimum to get that overly-priced piece of paper.

Stage 4: Panic

The moment you realise ‘now what?!’ Now that you’re graduating you have to make something of yourself, you can’t just sleep through class 5 days a week anymore. You have to find a job (and actually turn up), probably move out and just get your shit together. Cue the total freak out.

Stage 5: Acceptance

The final stage to graduating. Accepting that your time at university, at least for now, has come to an end and it’s time to enter the real adult world. You’re ready for it, and this is the time to believe in yourself that you’re prepared for what’s next.

Where am I sitting? Personally somewhere in between panic and acceptance. I’m excited to see what is out there for me in the real world outside of the uni bubble, but I am equally as terrified for what will be waiting to great me.

Are you graduating soon, what stage are you going through?


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