2019 is about me

fireworkIt’s January again, yet another year has come and gone. Why is it the older I get the quicker the years go by? 2019 is here and there’s not much we can do about it other than embrace everything it has to offer.

Reflecting back on last year’s New Year’s post I had one true resolution, other than not making any resolutions at all, but that was to graduate. I can happily say that I have well and achieved that goal, as well as a lot more. 2018 was a bitter sweet year. I graduated from my degree, I landed by first full time job, I travelled to many new countries and made a myriad of new friends.

However, these only make up my highlight reel of 2018. What I would add to my Instagram stories to show to the world 2018 was perfect and absolutely nothing went wrong. Which is total BS.

2018 was in no way smooth sailing, but when is any year completely and utterly perfect? If someone tells you nothing went wrong in their life in 2018, they’re probably in denial and you should maybe help them come back down to earth.

Sure I ticked off a few bucket list life goals, but countless things certainly did not go my way. I didn’t get into the graduate program I had dreamed of for years, I lost a very close friend to suicide, I saw the end of wonderful friendships and I went through another break up. Yes, I am well aware my dating life is becoming somewhat of a reality TV show, so part of my 2019 goal is to put me first and put dating on the back burner.

For some this may not seem like the most difficult year, but for me it was a challenging 365 days. I’m confident I’m not alone in this sentiment, we all go through some type of shit and that’s totally normal. But here we are bringing in 2019, hoping that with the striking of midnight we all get a fresh start and a clean slate. Again, BS.

What I’ve learnt that even though we flip over into a new calendar year, that doesn’t make all your struggles and problems just disappear. It’s 2019 people, it’s time to accept our shit and take it proudly in our strides.

And that my friends, is my inspiration for my ‘non-resolution’ resolution. This year is about loving me, and perhaps being a little selfish in a way. Say goodbye to a people-pleasing, pushover Ro and say hello to a self-loving, head strong gal.

Happy New Year loves, and I hope this year is everything you want it to be and more. If not, make it happen anyway.

R x

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