Modern Dating

Let’s talk about modern dating. I was having an in depth conversation with my friend this morning about how dating habits have changed drastically from high school to uni, and I think it’s time for a bit of a rant. Back in high school, the concept of dating was so pure and innocent. Either people … More Modern Dating

Out with the Old

Every time a new year comes around I always reflect on the year that’s passed, and promise myself the new year to come will be better than ever. This belief usually lasts a month or two, and then everyday life comes back into play and the perfect year I had envisioned quickly disappears. Now that … More Out with the Old


16268km is the distance from Melbourne to Toronto, or for all you Americans roughly 10,102 miles. It’s not a short distance. I mean it takes over 25 hours of flying just to get from A to B, not exactly a drive down the road. Why you may ask? Well after my travels in Canada and … More 16238km


On numerous occasions I have been asked what this blog is about, why do I write they ask, what do I write about? I’ve always told myself and others that this blog has no true trajectory other than projecting my thoughts and voice onto a figurative page. What I’m currently feeling is no exception. “If there’s … More Happy.

Train of Thought

I don’t know what it is about people in love but they have this natural glow around them. As I write this I’ve been sitting on a train for close to five hours, eagerly awaiting my destination, in the meantime I noticed the smallest of things. The girl across from me digs through her bag … More Train of Thought


Get this. I can run head first at stationary ground and confidently throw a flip and some tucks, no problem. Easy. I can happily step off the side of the mountain and fly through the air with nothing but a parachute to stop me from falling a few hundred feet. Yet I can’t say a … More Goodbye

L is for…?

The first time I told someone I loved them, who was not a friend or a family member, I was 17. In my eyes, the naive adolescent me was so head over heels, so infatuated with this person in my life, and I felt so grown up. Just because I was heading into my early … More L is for…?

Temporary Fix

When you let someone into your life you never think about the possibility that they could just pack up and leave. When you meet someone new it’s exciting and you’re happy, I mean look at this new human you can share so much with. Someone you know nothing about, that you can spend hours talking … More Temporary Fix