Toronto 2.0

I always wondered what it would feel like coming back to Toronto after exchange, coming on a holiday as opposed to living in Canada for an extended period of time. Honestly I wasn’t even excited, I was more terrified to visit, thinking I wouldn’t love this city as much as I had the first time … More Toronto 2.0

Define ‘home’

Let’s start with the obvious: I’m back in Aus after 5 glorious months away and I still don’t know if Canada was real or a dream. Slotting back into the daily grind has been a lot easier than I thought it would be, yet simultaneously very challenging. I’ve gotten back into the routine of things, … More Define ‘home’

The Last 5 Months

The last five months have been a whirlwind and tomorrow I step on a plane back to Australia, expected to assimilate back into my life that I left all the way back in August. On the down low, I am terrified. These past few months have been some of the greatest I’ve ever experienced. Sure … More The Last 5 Months

I’m Never Leaving

It has come to the point where Toronto no longer feels like a temporary destination, but it feels like home. I know the streets, I know its secrets, I’m no longer just an Australian visiting Toronto for a few months, I 100% feel like a Canadian-Australian hybrid. The downside is, this wonderful new home will … More I’m Never Leaving

Plane and simple

I always thought that moving to the other side of the world would fix all my problems. I had this preconceived idea that by escaping home and all its troubles I would reinvent myself, or give some meaning to my Gen Y struggles. I’ve found travel doesn’t exactly fix everything, it just helps me run away. A … More Plane and simple

Train of Thought

I don’t know what it is about people in love but they have this natural glow around them. As I write this I’ve been sitting on a train for close to five hours, eagerly awaiting my destination, in the meantime I noticed the smallest of things. The girl across from me digs through her bag … More Train of Thought

Fuck Yes

I’ve talked before, a while ago actually, about those fuck yes moments and how great they are. That you need to realise that there are some opportunities we miss, and others we simply can’t forgo, not for anything or anyone. So this is the story of why saying yes was the best damn decision I … More Fuck Yes

Home Sweet Home

So yesterday I spent my day in Sydney. No I didn’t stay the night, or do anything touristy. I literally woke up at 5am, jumped on a flight way too early, did my thing for the day and flew back home the same night. I must say it’s something I’ve never done, but I definitely … More Home Sweet Home